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Protected by Visa’s Zero Liability Policy, prepaid cards reduce the risk of carrying cash or a debit card tied to your account. Plus, you get the protection of Visa’s Zero Liability Policy.

Card Options

Personalized and non-personalized cards.

Non-personalized, instant-issue cards can be reloaded only four times total. Personalized cards can be reloaded as many times as you want (but no more than four reloads per week).

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An ideal travel companion.

Visa Prepaid Cards can withdraw cash internationally with favorable exchange rates and can make purchases at millions of locations. Reload it anytime online or through the phone.

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Visa Reloadable Cards are accepted anywhere with a Visa logo.

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Popular Questions

  • No, Visa Prepaid Cards cannot be given as a gift. You purchase the Visa Prepaid Card for your own personal use. If you’d like to give a Visa Card as a gift, check out our Visa Gift Cards.

  • Personalized cards can be ordered online, and non-personalized instant issue cards can be purchased at any branch.

  • Non-personalized cards are activated at the time of purchase. Personalized cards can be activated by logging into this site and clicking on the Activate Card button, or by calling the customer support number listed on the back of your card. Over the phone, an assigned PIN will be automatically spoken after your card is activated. You’ll be given the opportunity to select a new PIN if you choose.

  • Non-personalized cards can be loaded up to 4 times total. Personalized cards can be reloaded as many times as you’d like. To reload using the credit or debit card registered during enrollment, you can visit the website, call the number on the back of your card, or visit any of our branches. Any applicable fee for reloading the card will be charged to your funding source.

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