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I feel that there is more of a personal touch with your members. Your rates are great as well.

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Our personal loans are designed to help you get things done. A line of credit covers emergencies to give you peace of mind, student loans open up educational opportunities, and secured loans build your credit.

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From new kitchens to college expenses.

Our personal loans are built to help you build credit, consolidate debt, and make lifestyle moves.

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Popular Questions

  • Yes! Personal lines of credit are available. They are a great solution for situations where you aren’t exactly sure how much money you will need. You can withdraw up to your limit, but you’ll only pay interest on funds that you actually use.

  • Rivertown CU offers both kinds of loans. Unsecured loans have no collateral and are guaranteed simply by the name and credit of the borrower. Rates are generally a bit higher. Secured loans use collateral, and are guaranteed by that collateral. They present less risk for institutions and generally carry rates that are a bit lower. We’re happy to answer any questions or talk through your loan options!

  • Yes! We offer a couple of special types of personal loans just for that reason. The Share Secure Loan is secured with funds from your savings account. Credit Rebuilder Loans are secured with funds from a Secure Savings account. Funds from those accounts are released automatically when you pay back the loan.